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    LEM - MS SQL Auditor


      Hi All,


      I am due to install MS SQL auditor for LEM and use it to monitor changes to tables and schemas and wondered if anyone else has had any experiences with this agent? I am also wondering if there are any known limitations for the auditor and if it has to be installed on the SQL server, or if it can be deployed elsewhere and connect remotely, plus what the best practice is.


      Also if anyone knows of the performance implications of running this agent so I can take into account any hit on resources from using it.



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          We have this installed and running in our SQL clustered environment.  We have the plugin installed directly on our SQL servers.  However you should be able to deploy it to a specific machine then plug in your server/instances to audit.  This is all done through the MSSQL Auditor config program.  As far as best practice goes we just followed the admin guide.  So far the overhead has been minimal.  It can generate quite a bit of traffic.  Also depending on how much data is going through your database the logs can get very beefy as well.

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