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    Integrate Web Help Desk to Create Tickets from a Call Manager?




      I'm new to my firm and am looking into network monitoring and helpdesk solutions which are areas we are lacking in. I've used N-Able in the past and understand that Web HelpDesk is now integrated into the product, and am currently considering it the best condender for our needs.


      Our current helpdesk solution was built in house, but there are talks of certain improvements that can be made to it. Our helpdesk currently works in this way:


      Helpdesk users open two applications on their PC (Helpdesk, and Helpdesk Calls) > User calls helpdesk extension 2300 > Helpdesk Calls application populates extension and username of the call > Helpdesk User can click a button in Helpdesk Calls to answer the call (or optionally pick up their handset) > At the same time this opens a ticket in the Helpdesk application with username and contact info pre-populated.


      I understand in house apps will always allow more customobility, but I'm wondering if there is a way we can program the API of Web HelpDesk to accept data from a call manager similar to the way it accepts an email to create a ticket, and go from there? If possible, is this functionality also available in the N-Able HelpDesk offering?


      I have asked an N-Able sales representative but his engineering team has yet to get back to him on this.


      Thank you!