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    Integrate Patch Manager with existing SCCM


      Our organization is looking to integrate PM with our existing WSUS and SCCM environment.

      Our current environment has PM 1.85 and SCCM 2007 R3

      We currently only use PM to patch our servers and we'd like to start using it to patch our desktops.


      Are there any "gotchas" or things we should look out for?

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          Lawrence Garvin

          Generally, no, but a few points need to be clarified before that answer can be authoritative.


          You note that you're currently using PM v1.85 and CM2007R3 to patch only the servers, but that statement is somewhat contradictory. When used with Configuration Manager, Patch Manager does not actually deploy patches, it only provides third-party updates to Configuration Manager. It is Configuration Manager that actually deploys the patches. Also, typically, third-party updates do not apply to servers, so we don't actually see this particular scenario very often.


          From this comes two questions:

          • Are you using Configuration Manager (with a Software Update Point) to deploy updates to your servers?
          • Or, are you using a standalone WSUS with Patch Manager to deploy updates, and Configuration Manager is totally irrelevant to the patch management scenario?


          As for adding desktops into that mix, then, the specific answer to your question heavily depends on what you're actually doing now. :-)