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    Cisco C-Series Standalone Rack Servers Chassis Information


      I'd like to poll the chassis information (e.g. Temp sensors, Fan states, etc) for these servers and make the data available on the node details page (or an attached tab). The crux of the problem here appears to be in that the CIMC that contains all of that data is assigned a different IP address than the server operating system that runs on it. So I end up with a situation where I have to have two entries for each C-Series. One to watch the OS and another to watch the chassis.


      Is anyone aware of a software agent for windows that can be installed that would give access to the CIMC chassis data through windows with out polling the CIMC directly? Is there a way to use the USC Polling already available in Solarwinds to get this chassis information the way we can for VCenter? I know that Cisco has created these sort of SNMP agents for their applications in the past. UCC has an SNMP management service that is installed that allows for access to all of the UCC counters.


      Thanks in advance for your help.