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    Issue in handling images in Dameware V10




      I and several others in my IT dept have an issue with Dameware when connecting to a host that is using a website with large and/or multiple images, the host will become unresponsive to the point where we're seeing a 20+ second delay in the work we carry our remotely.


      For example, if a host is using OWA (Sign in to Microsoft Online Services), we struggle to make any changes when connected remotely due to image on the login page.


      We have made several changes in Dameware as a workaround such as using the slow link optimization and forcing the display and mirror driver onto 8 bit.  We've loaded OWA in IE8, 9 and 10, Chrome and Firefox and it makes no difference, we've also tried it on Windows XP, 7 and 8.1.  We've used other remote control software such as GoToAssist and Team Viewer and they handle the images with no issue and lag.  Our offices have 50Mb download and upload so bandwidth isn't an issue either.


      I'm currently using Dameware 64-bit with the latest hot fixes.