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    Connect Now discovery and etherchannels


      I'm trying to get an etherchannel to show up on my map in Network Atlas.  I am monitoring both the etherchannel and the interfaces that make up the etherchannel.  If I can't get the etherchannel to appear, then I would like to be able to have the individual links show up on the map instead.  My topology is a stack of 3 2960S, with 2 connections per switch, going to our 3750X.  So I have an etherchannel consisting of 6 interfaces between the 2960S stack and the 3750X.  I'm putting this in the NPM forum, because I don't see the L2 topology showing up under the "Network" tab of either of the switches.  I am running NPM 10.7 currently.

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          If you do a list resources, do you have topology as an option, and is it selected?  If it's not, put a check in there, if it's not there, then the device doesn't support the MIBs SolarWinds uses for topology data.  A way to check this, would be to RDP to your polling server, and in the install directory run the PollerChecker.exe tool.  With this tool, you can select the device, and see if it supports the topology polling that Orion does. 



          Matthew Harvey