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    How do I create Usage Profile...


      I'm playing with the Usage Profiles associated with Capacity Planning. I've manage to create my own profile - but as I understand it its possible to use specify my own settings for what I feel a small, medium and large VM would constitute. Rather than basing those predictions on what we have, I want to assume that my new guest OSes are going be substantially different from all previous VMs we have had so far - with switch to Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 I want to see how many of those GoS I could run...


      I just don't see where I would 'edit" those parameters in the profile...???




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          I believe what you're trying to accomplish can be done by editing an additional workload in the Workload menu on the left hand side of Capacity Planner. There, you can select the amount of VMs you would like to add to the Usage Profile together with their CPU, memory, disk and I/O requirements.