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    Alert Central SMS 1.1.4


      Hello everyone,


      I was curious if anyone has had success with acknowledging alerts after updating to 1.1.4?

      This continues to be a key feature that we would really like to see working.


      We were excited when we saw this the other day:

      • "Resolution to issues regarding SMS replies not working correctly (splitting alerts, not being processed - several thwack threads)"


      I can get it working if I respond to each message with "NID[#####] Validate", but I wouldn't consider that a fix as we could do this before.

      The goal is to be able to click a butting to say "Ack" (much like you can with the e-mail alerts) or to type Ack like seen below.


      I've been trying different things but I'm still get the same results as before:



      Thanks in advance!

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          Currently when you communicate with Alert Central through emails or SMS, NID [ID] is the single thing which "tells" AC which validations or alerts it refers to. When you reply through emails, subject remains the same, that's why both validation and alerts processing are working as expected. It's implemented the same way for SMS. It's necessary to put NID [ID] so AC could process your replies.