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    NPM + NCM + NTA min SQL server spec?


      Cant seem to find anything that relates to server spec for sql server when using multiple SW products, only individual requirements.


      We have NCM for 500 devices, and are will have approx. 4000 interfaces for NPM and perhaps 400 ish for NTA.  We have a dedicated server for NTA flow storage which is up to spec, so just need a suitable SQL server.


      Id read somewhere, although, cant remember where id seen it, nor can I find it again... that SQL server spec should be 3 pairs of raid 1 disk (one pair each for OS, Logs & DB).  I think we may only have some 4 disk dual quad core xeons with 16gb ram kicking about, so thinking of trying it out on one of these, and see how we go...


      Anyone point me in right direction?