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    Custom poller icon color change in Maps


      I'm throwing this question out in case I've gotten way too far into this rabbit hole to think of alternatives (entirely possible).


      Here's what we're trying to do:  Create a map with UPS and A/C units status, along with poller status for Battery Remaining, Temperature, Humidity, etc.  I see that you can do this by pulling Custom Pollers onto the map and using ${CurrentValue}. So far so good.



           The problem arises in that the icon color for the custom poller item never changes. How can I get this so that the color will change when (for example) the UPS goes below 20% capacity or down to 60 minutes available?



      Thanks for any suggestions!

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          I'd imagine the color of the icon is tied to the status of whether or not the poller is returning results, or is enabled or not, rather than tied to specific thresholds.  If it is, you may want to check the website settings or thresholds to see what you can setup there.  Otherwise, this would almost seem to be a feature request that I'd vote up in a heartbeat.



          Matthew Harvey

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            the color of UnDP leafs on the map changes according to configured thresholds.

            - If threshold is not defined(default) it is only green(polling) and gray(not polling).


            You can configure thresholds in Settings - Custom Poller Thresholds.

            - On the left side select poller.

            - On the right side first select "Poller Value Type" Text or Number - this influences operations to compare values.

            - Then configure Warning(yellow) and Critical(red) threshold.