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    How are you using assets?


      We are looking at bringing our internal assets into WHD, and was curious what success/failure people have had using WHD as asset management.



      Matthew Harvey

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          We have a discovery connection with our SCCM 2007 R3, and that works pretty well. In addition I have been trying to get HP Web JetAdmin working to import our HP printers but that has been a bit of a challenge as it is not a supported application you have to do manual field mappings and so far I have not been able to figure out how to strip the manufacturer and model as separate fields. I have most of the other core fields working, IP, Hostname, firmware ect.

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            • Connects to sccm 2012 and Orion


            • No ability to retrieve devices from active directory
            • duplicates will be created for any servers you have in SCCM and Orion
            • No automatic ticket assignment to devices that create Orion alerts



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              We initially used something called OpenAudit to do our inventorying, and then brought it into WHD.  That part worked pretty well, but in the end we scrapped it all.  The way it handled software licenses was useless from an auditing point of view.  We then deleted all of the assets in WHD and instead created them manually.  We set up computers as parent assets, and software as child assets.  Then we assign software to computers when we deploy them.  The up side is that it is very clean and neat interface, the downside is that it is all manual.  We have about 90 staff, and 150 or so computers/printers/etc... so it is manageable.  Another challenge we have with automated solutions is our very mixed OS environment didn't allow consistent collection and reporting of data. 


              I should say that we tried this in 2008, so the situation may have changed since then.

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                We have been using WHD for asset management since 2011 in an organization with 455 employees and over 2,000 assets.  The original import also coincided with applying new asset tags and numbers to all existing assets, so a junior employee went around with a barcode scanner and laptop and used the spreadsheet for bulk imports that is supplied with WHD.  We do not use it for parent/child or software tracking.  The benefits we see are:

                - Scanned invoices attached to all assets for historical and insurance purposes

                - Client is able to select asset with issue at ticket creation

                - Tickets are attached to asset, making historical problems easy to see and arguments for replacement easily justified

                - One-click access to our remote control software from the ticket (ExpertAssist)

                - MAC address lookup for network troubleshooting


                It's hard to get started, but very valuable and easy to manage once the data is there.

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                  Hello, unfortunately we didn't find an easy, automated way to import the asset information into WHD. We have done, and do, the following:


                  • Manually import assed information into WHD
                  • Link assets with users
                  • Check on each call / ticket that the information is still updated


                  We believe it is a lot of work to get it up and running, but if all the information is implemented we will get a lot out of it.