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    SolarWinds WMI Deployment Problem


      I have deployed the SolarWinds WMI Providers and received mixed results. The majority of the providers "Succeedeed" and some, of course, failed.


      I have three problems:

      • First, my Orion Patch Manager console still reports the WMI Providers as uninstalled.

           SolarWinds Deployment 001.PNG


      • Second, any attempt that I make to install or repair the providers on the machines that failed continue to fail.

           SolarWinds Deployment 002.PNG


      • Third, whenever I try to run an inventory task on a [group of] machine(s), or try and access certain information in the computer explorer, I receive an "Invalid namespace" error.

           SolarWinds Deployment 003.PNG


      Although the "Invalid namespace" issue seems a little different, I have a feeling that this is all due to a similar root problem.

      All help appreciated.

      Thanks, Isaac Alexander



      IT Intern, Legence Bank

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          Lawrence Garvin

          These behaviors are consistent with and symptomatic of the WMI Providers not being installed. If these are working Configuration Manager clients then the WMI Providers should install without issue. The two aspects of WMI Provider installation that typically are problematic on working CM clients are the Patch Manager credentials or file sharing on the client.


          First verify that the Credential Ring has the correct credential(s) for these clients.

          Second, attempt to verify WBEMTEST with the configured credential(s).

          Third, attempt to access \\machineName\ADMIN$ using the configured credential(s).


          If none of the above provides a resolution, then best next step is to open a ticket via the Customer Portal.

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