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    Having UnDP problems again


      I again am having problems with device pollers. I can do a MIB walk on a device and see the OID that I want to monitor. I create a universal device poller and enter that OID. After I provide the name and select next it tells me it is a Invalid OID. My question is, can I not poll an OID that does not appear in the SolarWinds master MIB? If that is the case, how can I get new OIDs into the SolarWinds MIB?

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          I have tried to use nonsense OID like and I was able to create that poller and assign it to node.

          Can you check that there is not comma instead of dot, or dot on the end?


          Can you describe your NPM version and OID that you try to add?
          - Also screenshot of the "Define Your Universal Device Poller" screen would help us.