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    Alert Central Microsoft EWS setup problem.


      Hi everyone,

      I am trying to setup Alert Central in our enviroment since we are using Orion for a long time.

      I am at the point where you need to setup eMail account for Alert Central.

      So far I have created the account for AC and now I am trying to connect to Microsoft EWS Service but for some reason is failing, here is the message that I get:


      DEBUG: setDebug: JavaMail version 1.4.5

      DEBUG: getProvider() returning javax.mail.Provider[STORE,ews,com.solarwinds.mail.ews.EWSStore,SolarWinds,1.0]

      could not auto-discover URL (null)

      problem with URL: https://calexc1ch01.fglcorporate.net/EWS/Exchange.asmx


      I have tested through Outlook to check if EWS address is correct, and it is. Does someone have any idea what I am doing wrong. And also on the outgoing Server , should I put the same address or should I use different one (I belive I should use the same).


      Thank you for your answers.