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    How to trigger real-time-change-notification using the source IP found in Trap details?


      My task is to work on snmp trap to trigger real time change notification. From a DMZ environment, Solarwinds NPM was installed to forward syslog & trap to our main solarwinds server for storing, notification, etc.



      Device A (>FW--->DMZ Solarwinds (>>Main Solarwinds server


      Currently were only seeing traps coming into the main SW instead of both syslog&traps msgs. That is another issue. But given what i have now, my challenge is to use the info from the trap details (e.g SOLARWINDS-TRAPS.10= to trigger RTCN.

      Is that possible? How can this be done?

      Is there a way to use "SOLARWINDS-TRAPS.10=" info to execute the alert action path "Orion\SolarWinds.NCM.RTNforwarder.exe" ${IP},RealtimeNotification,${DateTime}.${Message}" - I believe the $IP relates to the ip address where the syslog/trap is received, in this case the DMZ server and not from device itself. It makes sense to me why RealTimeChangeNotification is not working.


      This is exactly what i see from my trap viewer  except for the tampered ips.



      This is the condition i set prior to the DMZ setup, which i can say works totally fine.





      Hope you can help. Thanks in advance.


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