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    Netflow help


      I have cisco switch C3750E-IPBASEK9-M and configured with net flow commands and i am unable to monitor the traffic.

      And please let me which cisco switches support net flow.

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          Sohail Bhamani

          4500's with the netflow feature card do.  Also 6500's.  Most all routers do, its the switch platforms that are limited from Cisco.

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            The 3750E does not support NetFlow. No Catalyst 3750 series switches have full NetFlow support. The 3750X has limited support, but only if you have the appropriate 10G uplink module.


            The newer mid-range access switches (3650, 3850) have NetFlow support, along with the 4500E (with appropriate Supervisor), 4500X, 6500, 6800, etc. NetFlow on the Nexus series is spotty -- I think only the Nexus 7K series supports it right now. The 2960X series also lists "NetFlow Lite" support, but I haven't looked into what that means.