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    How to add Radial Gauges from multiple Nodes in a single view




      I've got a view setup displaying several Radial Gauges for one of our Weather Goose devices and it looks good and easily readable, however I would like to display the gauges for ALL of our Weather Goose devices in a single view (now that 10.7 displays 6 rows). I've not been able to figure out how to display radial gauges from multiple nodes on a single screen. I understand that the NOC view rotation would be one way around this (I think), but it seems dumb to rotate views when they can easily be displayed on a single screen. Is this possible?


      Maybe this is a suggestion, rather than a question about it's existences but every industrial instrument panel (that I've worked with) that has dozens of gauges on it would be normally rotated so that a "nominal" reading is vertical on each of the gauges. I would love to be able to take all of my gauges and rotate them so that their ideal reading is pointing north (or where ever I choose) so that way at a glance I know if the temps or other environmental numbers are out of spec.


      Also, does Orion have a simple RED/YELLOW/GREEN LED gauge - just showing if x-object is within spec or not?