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    IPAM - Missing Report Fields and Filters




      I have to create an IP Network Summary Report about all our networks. To know where the networks are located, I added two custom properties for Subnets/Supernets: Region and Country.


      A) I started with the Report Writer:

      2014-03-14_14-57-58.png 2014-03-14_14-57-49.png

      With this kind of selected fields I get also DHCP Scopes and DNS Zones. Unfortunately I am not able to filter out this both Group Types because they are not available in the drop down field.


      1. How can I filter out "Group Type" "Dns zone" and "DHCP Scope"?


      B) My second idea was to create a web report.

      In the "Report Writer" I have the possibility to select different fields like "IP Network", "Custom Properties" or "DNS Zone" and the result will be presented in one table.


      At the web reporter I am able to select "IP Network" but I do not get my custom properties. My Custom Properties I found at "IPAM Group Node Attribute", but this means I have to use a second table an I am not able to "connect" both tables.

      2. How to get custom properties together with "IP Network" in one report table?


      If you have any idea or hint, please let me know.