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    are the custom propery names longer now, in the column headings on the Manage nodes view?


      I am not sure if this just recently changed (recently upgraded from 10.6.1 to 10.7), but it seems like the column headings for custom properties is now much longer than I remember.

      Instead of showing just the custom property name, now I am seeing "Nodes Custom Properties - PropertyName", in the "group by" section...

      Which, in turn, makes the column width for all custom properties dramatically longer than the actual property's name.


      Ex. I made a custom property area, but when i show that property on the view, it shows "Nodes Custom Properties - Area", instead of just simply showing "Area".


      It seems I have much less room to display info on a single page now, causing me to have to side scroll several pages to view all of the info I need to see.


      Again, maybe it has been this way all along and I am just using more custom properties than I have in the past... but it sure seems like it has changed.


      Anyone have any information for me, in regards to this?