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    agent intsaller issues


      we are currently evaluating LEM 5.7.0


      I have a couple of issues that I am looking to sort out -


      1. Remote Agent Installer.   I built a small txt file with about 10 hosts. Using the remote installer, it installed on the first 4 just fine, but then sent to la-la land on the rest - for 23 hours, I had "Installing on host 4 of 10" or something.. Also - if I did the option to browse for the machine, I only see like 10 hosts - there well over 500 on my network.


      2. Local agent Installer. Following the on-screen directions in LEM, I was to logon to the host I wanted to install the agent on, then launch LEM, download the setup, and run it.  FAIL. I don't know bout most places, but we do NOT install FLASH on our servers - its considered a security risk.  If I copied the setup from my desktop over, it installs, but tries to go to some unknown IP address and connect to the manager. If there is a way to modify this configuration AFTER the agent is install, you guys are making VERY hard to find.


      so far - I have 2 servers, 2 workstations, 4 firewalls  and 2 switches configured.. not really enough to go on..