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    Server unable to see Nodes


      Morning all, we have a bit of a puzzling issue, sporadically our Orion Server is able to contact certain nodes on our network causing an outage alert etc.  Other devices are able to see these nodes fine proving that the device is up and running.


      I logged a support call and they advised that it was the server, not the Orion install causing the issue (you couldn't ping the node from a command line)


      One of the things we have looked at is assigning a dedicated NIC to the Orion installation and therefore reduce the network traffic from the Server.


      My question is how do I go about either assigning the new IP address as the poller or, keep the current pollers config and assign the new NIC to the Server.


      We are running Orion on a VMware platform as a virtual machine -

      Server 2008 R2

      Orion Platform 2013.2.0, SAM 6.0.0, NPM 10.6, NTA 3.11.0, IVIM 1.8.1

      SQL Server 2005 (installed on another server)


      Any advice greatly appreciated.