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    Automatic Notifications


      How can one configure WHD to automatically notify techs in the same tech group that they've taken on a particular ticket automatically?


      For example, lets say Tech A grabs a ticket, but without the other guys looking they won't know it was assigned. So is there a way to automatically email/notify the other technicians that Tech A assigned the ticket to himself so they don't have to check to verify.

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          The only way I could think of doing something like this would be to leverage the Action Rules functionality.


          So, for each Tech Group, you would create an Action Rule similar to the following:


          - "Setup > Processes > Action Rules > New"

          - Action Rule Info tab

          -- Ensure the Action Rule is enabled

          -- Select "Rule Triggering > Evaluate criteria... > only when updated by a Tech"

          - Criteria tab

          -- Condition: Tech - is any of - (Technicians in the particular Tech Group)

          - Actions

          -- Choose "Send E-mail" from the drop-down.

          -- Configure the e-mail as desired.


          You would then repeat this for all of the Tech Groups desired. It's a pretty manual process, using this method, but it would accomplish your desired end result - I believe.