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    remote control for non-admin


      I currently use Dameware MRC version 9. I need to allow a specific domain user to remotely control several specific workstations. I thought this would be an easy task, and maybe it is, but I cannot seem to figure out which buttons to click. Can someone tell me how to set this up step-by-step? Also, I need to retain the ability to connect as an administrator.


      More information:

      • Windows 2008 domain
      • Workstations are all Windows 7 Pro
      • All connections are internal, so no firewall or gateway is in the mix
      • User is a member of the domain group Authenticated Users


      FYI, I attached a screenshot of a message I received when I tried to connect to the remote computer using the non-admin domain user. I think I am close.

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          I am not sure if this will fit you best but, here is a great video for DameWare Mini Remote:


          [VIDEO] DameWare Mini Remote Control Demo

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            I think what you're looking for is the agent configuration that should be deployed on the specific machines to which users in the specified group should be able to connect.  See screenshot below.  For the specific workstations you referenced, you'll want to deploy the agent with 'Must be member of one of the following group(s):' checked, and your 'Authenticated Users' group added to that list.  The screenshot should also explain why you received the error when trying to connect as a non-admin domain user.



            If this doesn't do the trick for you, I'd suggest opening a Support ticket.