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    Technicians missing Status Types in Ticket Creation/Modification


      Issue: When Technicians attempt to modify a client/technician-created WHD ticket or attempt to create a new WHD ticket, they only see ( 3 ) Status Types under "Status & Schedule." Those types follow:


      - Open

      - Closed

      - Cancelled


      As an Administrator, if I go to "Setup > Tickets > Status Types," I see the following:


      Type Name,



      On-Hold (renamed Pending)





      * Special types; cannot be deleted.

      Version: 12.1.0

      I've reached out to Support and they haven't been able to identify the underlying issue. Any assistance that could be provided to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.


      As a further bit of information:

      - I just re-enabled the "default administrator" account and verified that it can not see the other Status Types - also.



      - I can create 2 new Status Types named "Test 1" and "Test 2" and with default settings, they both appear.

      - I rename and re-configure "Test 1" to match my "On-Hold" settings and it works - it even moves to position 2, as seen above. With this, the follow appears to Techs: Open, On-Hold, Closed, Test 2

      - When I re-configure "Test 2" similar to "Resolved" except for the name, everything appears to be correct.

      - I then re-name "Test 2" to "Resolved" and both "On-Hold" and "Resolved" disappear, again, and we're back to: Open, On-Hold, Closed

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          So, working with Tech. Support over the last couple days, we were able to isolate the underlying issue and I've worked through the problem.


          The bit of information I was missing/didn't know was the fact that when a WHD Administrator opts to modify the "Setup > Tickets > Status Types > Options" and assign particular Status Types to "Needs Approval Status Type" and "Approval Denied Status Type," it removes those as options for Technicians to use manually. So, to get around this, I created a new Status types for each of these two options and once I released "On-Hold" and "Resolved" from that assignment, they returned to my Technicians.

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