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      we are rolling out the orion implementation at our company so i decided to download the free 30 day demo to give the product a test drive and my issue is when ever i try to add a node (any ammount even a single one) i get an error "Number of licensed elements exceeded/cannot be determined..."


      as this is suppose to be a full functional demo i assume  ther eis something wrong with config setup?   can someone point me to a fix pls?




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          Leon Adato

          Installing the demo should have worked fine, assuming you ran the configuration wizard and clicked the "try it now" option (or whatever it is called) when you were asked for a license.


          Is this a machine where you installed a SolarWinds demo previously? If so, that an be your problem - SolarWinds places multiple "hooks" into the software to block re-installs. So if you have a scratch server that you use for demoing software, and you've installed SolarWinds on this machine before, you should scrub the OS and then try installing SolarWinds again.