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    2.0.2023.0 console upgrade failing


         Just finished upgrading our server from 2.0.2146.0 to 2.0.2023.0 and the upgrade went smoothly. Now I'm trying to upgrade the console on my workstation and it keeps failing the pre-req. First it failed the certificate count pre-req so I got it down to 182. Now it passes that check and keeps failing the database connection check. I'm logged in as a domain admin and running the ew-cds-007_2.0.2203.0.exe as administrator. I didn't have this problem when I upgraded my console from 1.85.490.0 to 2.0.2146.0. And my 2.0.2146.0 console still connects just fine to the upgraded server so I know I have database connectivity. Anyone else run into this problem or know how to correct it?