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    Ideas for integrating Web Help Desk, Network Performance Monitor, and Alert Central


      Hi, I'm currently installing Web Help Desk, NPM, and would like to integrate Alert Central if possible. I'm using Alert Central with a few other customers (note those customers only have NPM) and I've gotten use to the feature set it provides. Web Help Desk 12.1 has NPM integration for alerts so tickets can be created and updated with no tech/admin needed (Cool!). The ability to create/update tickets with NPM alerts within Web Help Desk seems really slick but also seems to overlap some of what Alert Central does.


      I'd like to use Alert Central for scheduling on call teams, escalating alerts, and accountability but if I configure NPM/WHD integration and WHD creates tickets off NPM alerts (which sends out an email), this gets a bit confusing (should techs respond to the ticket or alert central?).


      Is anyone integrating these three products or have a good use case for how it could be beneficial?


      Thanks for your time.


      Jordan P.