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    Calculated Thresholds Too Tight/Narrow

    Sohail Bhamani

      I have recently been investigating the SAM and recent NPM feature related to the automated calculation of baseline thresholds.  I have to say, for the metrics that have some significant number, this works just fine.  For those metrics that have minuscule numbers, like below 1, this is basically useless.  Setting thresholds to .00004 and .00005 for warning and critical just doesn't make any sense.    Most of the thresholds that I enabled this feature on were unusable and had to be reverted.


      I think an approach of targeting the busy metrics with this feature makes much more sense than blanket enabling across the board.


      Has anyone else run into this?  How are you guys handling this in your environments?


      Sohail Bhamani

      Loop1 Systems