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    Animated Images in Network Atlas Maps


      Animated live weather images do NOT seem to animate when I add them as a linked background in Network Atlas. If I add a Custom HTML resource to a page and link to the image, it animates just fine but I can't add network objects to that. It's a little frustrating that this doesn't work in Network Atlas. Has anyone gotten this to work, know what I'm missing, or is it just not possible?

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          This is not possible with the current version of Atlas. The workaround people use for having "Animated background" is by using some sort of forecast map in JPG and this JPG changes regularly on the server where the background resides.


          It would make sense, to have this functionality as a Feature Request. Please create one (Thwack), detailing what is needed and how would it benefit you.



          Cliton Godinho

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