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    Storage Manager Reports: Filter on Time to thresholds




      I have recently joined the community, however I have been using Solarwinds Storage Manager for about the last 6 months. I have searched both the forums and the administrators guide and I have not found an answer for this.


      What I need help with is the filter in the report writer. While I can do basics such as "%used >70," I have not been able to do anything with dates. Essentially, I would like a report that shows all logical VM Drive mappings that are predicted to exceed Eighty Percent within 3 months. I can get the raw data correctly, however the raw data will contain every VM in my set, rather than just those which I care about. The pseduo SQL statement would be:


      Select * FROM My Table where EightyPercent>=DATEADD(m, +3, GETDATE())

      Has anyone achieved this? Or alternatively if I have missed an example/instruction on this function please let me know.

      If it helps I am using a VMware ESX Report based on Virtual Disks Template.

      Kind regards,