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    Port History SQL Query


      Hi, quick question, where is the port history (UDT:MAC+IP) stored in the SQL database? I'm building a Crystal Report using SQL queries and need to pull that but I don't see a view for it, I only see UDT_AllEndPoints which seems to have the active connections only.

      If anybody could share a query for it, that would be great...


      Thank you.



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          in 3.0.2/1.7 the tables are: UDT_portToEndpointCurrent and UDT_portToEndpointHistory


          UDT_IPAddressHistory and UDT_IPAddressCurrent <--- maps IP address to an endpointID


          UDT_Endpoint <-- has a MAC address in it

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              Thank you Richard.


              The report is pretty cool if I do say so myself, it's an Interface Traffic Utilization report (Last 7 days) and for each interface it shows the (UDT) MAC address, IP address, First & Last seen, sorted by high to low traffic to help identify bandwidth hogs.


              I had to create a couple of views, I'm sure it could be simplified, but it works!.


              Thanks again.