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    Orion.Events TimeStamp field is.. Binary?!  :s


      Hey all,


      I'm looking at the Orion.Events table for use in a reporting context and noticed that [for whatever reason] the TimeStamp field is 'System.Binary.' The closest thing to that I've found in C# is System.Data.Linq.Binary. So the first question is, are those compatible, or is there some other C# type that matches your 'System.Binary' ?


      Next question is, how do I .. 'decode' / read the data from that field, and for that matter, what does this TimeStamp represent? (Given EventTime is a DateTime and thus appears to represent the actual date & time of the event.)




      Scott Fraley

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          Not sure why that is showing up as "System.Binary". In .net terms it is a byte array.


          That field corresponds to a SQL Server "timestamp" column. It is essentially a last-modified time for that record, though it is not based on calendar/clock time - it's more like a counter that SQL Server automatically increments when a row is updated. The only thing about an event that could change after it is inserted is the Acknowledged field. Most likely you can ignore it - EventTime is the time the event occurred.