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    What has been your experience with Failover Engine?


      We here at SolarWinds are continuously looking to improve our products in both functionality and user experience. Failover Engine (FoE) as you can imagine, doesn't get a tremendous amount of feedback from the Thwack community. This is because FoE is akin to the spare tire sitting in the trunk of your car. You hardly ever think about it until you need it. With that in mind, I've compiled a few thought provoking questions that I hope will engage those of you in the community to think about how you use FoE. This should help to give us a better understanding how and where we can improve FoE in the future,


      What has your experience been like Installing/Upgrading FoE?

      In an Failover Engine LAN Configuration How do you Maintain the Standby Host?

      Are your Failover Engine member servers joined to the Domain?

      How do you prefer to manage administrative tasks in Failover Engine?

      What is the primary reason your Orion server is down?

      How much redundancy is enough for your environment?