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    NPM latest version


      Can anyone please tell which is the latest released version of NPM solarwinds? How is it profitable from the existing version?

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          The latest NPM version is 10.7, which was posted on the Customer Portal yesterday.  As for the enhancements and fixes included on it, please see ANNOUNCING GENERAL AVAILABILITY OF NPM 10.7.  By the way, I installed this in my Orion lab and I think it does improve over 10.6.  For example, we can finally say bye to the Win32-based Orion Scheduler. Of course, there were things that I hoped it would include but sadly weren't.  The things I was hoping for most were transitioning of web-based management for the Syslog rules, full  management of Advanced Alerts management to the web, option to see the SQL/SWQL code on web-based reports and others.  Yet, I do look forward to deploying it onto my production environment.


          I hope this helps.