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    where do I find the required specs for Alert Cental


      We are look at Alert Central docs and can not find any where that specifies what the memory, cpu and disc requirements for the product are.  Sure it runs on VMware but one still has to allocate the OS for the application

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          Hope this helps.  The requirements have gone up a little.  We allocated 50G for the disk space, 120G is the suggested minimum now.


          SolarWinds Alert Central Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


          What are the minimum hardware and software requirements for Alert Central?

          • The deployment requirements for Alert Central are as follows.
          • Software/Hardware Requirements
          • Virtualization PlatformBrowser
            • Firefox 15 or later, Google Chrome, IE 9
            • For best performance, SolarWinds recommends using Chrome.
            CPU Speed
            • 2 cores with 512Mhz reservation
            • 2 GB
            Hard Drive Space
            • 120 GB
            Port for Orion Communication
            • VMware ESX/ESXi 4.0+
            • Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 R2 or later
            • Windows 8 Data Center with Hyper-V
            • 443