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    Layout of FTP Voyager Scheduler


      I have just upgraded FTP Voyager from v.15.2 to v.16.1. I am finding the new layout for FTP Voyager Scheduler very non-user friendly.


      In v.15, all the scheduled jobs were laid out in a list (I have quite a lot), so they were very easy to view, instead of v.16 which lists all the jobs as a bunch of boxes that tell you very little.


      It also displayed when the scheduled job was last run, and you could sort by this column, so it was very easy to see if any jobs had been missed out.


      The log was also displayed so you could see the job running without having to switch to another window.


      Is there any way to adjust FTP Voyager Scheduler to look more like it used to? In my view, v.16 is worse than v.15 which was much more user friendly and helpful.