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    Whyd does Dameware log off my client when I exit remote control


      This never used to happen. Now it is happening and I cannot find any settings so I think it has to be due to something else. Let me know if there is some setting that I could change to not make it log off the remote user when I exit remote control. I already tried it without removing the service. Thanks

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          Hi jamzdn61.


          Yeah, DameWare MRC has a LOT of settings in a lot of places. Try this:

          1. Launch DameWare MRC.
          2. In the Remote Connect window, right-click on a saved host and choose "Settings".
          3. Click the Install Options tab, click the Configure button.
          4. On the Additional Settings tab, check if the "On Disconnect Logoff" option is checked. If it is, remove it.

          This setting is a 'feature' that is built into the MSI installer for the DMRC service. I think this will resolve your issue. Let me know if this helps...


          **You can find these settings outside of DameWare MRC in the "DameWare Mini Remote Control Client Agent MSI Builder" app as well.




          Keep in mind that it is possible that any other technician with DameWare MRC could have their own MSI agent installer settings improperly configured. I have seen this happen before where I am still running an older version of DMRC, but another technician has a newer version. When the person running the newer version connects to a host that is running an older version of the DMRC service, the tech is usually prompted to install the new version of the service. So if that tech with the new version has the setting enabled to log the user off, then that is the cause of the problem.

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