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    Required OID's for UDT Layer 3 information


      This knowledge base article(and UDT documentation)


      SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: User Device Tracker Compatibility Checker





      "Layer 3 Job Statistics

      Consult these objects about endpoints (IP addresses) and their mapping to corresponding MAC addresses to find what the device whose IP address UDT cannot see is returning for the IP-MAC.



      Note: If the device does not support those objects UDT cannot get any layer3 information."


      UDT Compatibility Checker shows that some switches on our network are only successful polling ipNetToMediaTable, but fail on ipNetToPhysicalTable.


      Running an SNMP get table on the OID for ipNetToMediaTable on these switches does produce results that include MAC addresses and IP addresses.


      Should I expect to see Layer 3 results in UDT, or does UDT require both ipNetToMediaTable and ipNetToPhysicalTable?