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    NTA 4.0 Upgrade Questions


      OK. I am a little confused on the instructions for upgrading my NTA 3.11 to 4.0

      I have a vmware server ready for the new database so I am not putting this on my main server where NPM and the current NTA are located.

      Do I run the install on the vmware server or do I run it on the main server where NTA currently resides?

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          crwchief6 give this a thwack SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: NTA 4.0 Installation: Frequently Asked Questions


          If it falls short of your request for knowledge, I will be here to direct you down the yellow-brick road.

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              Well thank you however I just realized my vmware server didn't pass the test as far as having enough CPU and memory so I will not be upgrading it tonight after all. It just amazes me at how much power this new database needs. All I had was 1 CPU and 4G of memory and it wanted 4 CPU and 16G memory. This will have to be put on hold. Thanks for the offer.

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              You need to run the NTA install file first on the VMware server that will store the flows.  When you do this, it will ask you for database connection, so it can authenticate the NTA application.  After NTA has been installed on your Flow Storage (VM) server, then you need to run the same installation file on your core SolarWinds/Orion server.  After it NTA is successfully upgraded on the core server, you'll also need to run the same NTA installation file on your additional polling servers -- if applicable.


              By the way, make sure that your VM has plenty of disk space for the flows.  There are some white papers on Thwack for the disk space requirements, which largely depend on the current size of your NTA database and the number of flows per minute received.


              I hope this helps.