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    SWjobEngineWorker2.exe is killing my CPU


      I have seven pollers.  All are at 50% load or less.


      Yesterday at 4PM, outside of any patch cycle, update cycle or change cycle, one of my additional pollers spiked to 100% and has stayed there.  It seems to be the jobengineworker2.exe that is killing my CPU.


      I have uninstalled and re-installed the job engine.  This had no effect.


      If I kill the job engine, CPU goes to near 0.


      All of my other servers run 20 to 40% on CPU load.


      Any thoughts on troubleshooting what is killing my CPU?


      I have seen several old posts (two or more years old), but I have not seen anything for NPM 10.6. with  SAM 6.OMG.