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    Dynamic Query (REGEX) help

    johnny ringo

      Hello All,


      I have recently discovered the dynamic query feature (with regular expression support) in NPM and I would like to use it to group devices and applications on my network.  I have been trying to create a simple dynamic query based on IP Address but something in my syntax is incorrect because it is returning no results.  Can someone assist?  Myself and my colleague (who uses REGEX extensively) are not sure why this is not working.  I am just trying to create a simple group for all devices in a class C subnet.  I am using the Orion Object "Node" and "IP Address", and the condition is "contains".  Here is my REGEX expression:





      It seems to me that SolarWinds is not recognizing the "|" symbol because when I just use the brackets to identify character classes it will catch the correct nodes.  But I could be wrong.