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    Environment Map




      I personally like the "Enviroment Map"-widget as it shows problematic VMs at a glance.


      1. Is it possible to specify a scope for the map, e. g. through a filter? I want to build widgets which only show the VMs of a specific folder (= organisational unit).


      2. Some of the VMs have an active alert "Guest storage space utilization". We don't need that alert so I disabled it. But the alert is still "raised" in those VMs. Any hint to "lower" it?


      Many thanks in advance!




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          ad 1) the only way is to have several Search queries saved. Then you can run them and you can switch from the Search module to the Map module by selecting all VMs (, Hosts, ..) and pressing "Map" button

          ad 2) there are two options:
                    - you can delete it in Explore - Content menu and then press "Restore Defaults" button - it works only if the alert is one of default alerts

                    - you can export the alert in Explore - Content menu, delete it and then add it back via "Import Content..."