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    Has anyone been able to make the 'Browse for Logo' option in the NPM Web Reports work?


      I would like to put a custom logo on some of my reports and I thought that I should be able to do it using the "Browse for Logo" button when creating a new web report.


      2014-02-26 09_52_15-Edit Report.jpg


      However, all I get when I browse for a logo (.JPG) file and select the one I want is a little rectangle with a black box / white X in it.


      Has anyone been able to use this feature or is it just broken by design?  I have a ticket open with SW (#585373) but so far the only thing they have suggested is to replace the header.jpg file in the SolarWinds program directory.  Since I do not wish to change the logo for EVERY report, this really isn't an option.