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    SQL Replication Template for SAM


      I am looking for a SQL Replication Monitor Template for SAM. I tried the current WMI version, but get Invalid Class.

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          I have created my own one for this as i could not find anything either.

          While not elegant, it works perfectly.

          Link below.

          It relies on you creating a table on the distribution database server.

          And then scheduling a SQL Job to run Every X minutes to populate the latest Replication information.

          I use the information to get solar winds to monitor if the warning column for the individual publications ever goes above 0 (0 is no warning).

          If there is a warning for 15 minutes solar winds sets application status to warning, if it exists for 30 minutes i set to critical.

          You could of course have different criteria other than the warning column, could be last dist time > 15 minutes etc.

          Just change the SQL Code in the monitor to retrieve a different statistic.


          Hope this is of some help to you!


          SQL Replication Monitor.