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    LEM Thoughts of the Week: What IT Security Buzzword Drives You Nuts?

    nicole pauls

      In honor of the RSA Conference (et al) this week, where buzzwords and BS are sure to be running high...

      What IT Security buzzword or nonsense trend drives you nuts? What's your pet peeve topic, question, product, or buzzword? Read an article recently that made you say "that's nonsense" or cringe?  Maybe one of those irritating "security predictions for 2014" articles that says the same thing every year, or states the obvious?

      Mobile security is one of my favorites over the last 5 years. This year will be the year of AV on phones, I'm sure of it! If we're wrong, now let's call it something else - mobile device management, BYOD...

      What about you?

      PS: We'll have an early topic of the week on Thursday for next week thanks to this month's customer newsletter.