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    Push out Office 2013 install??


      I am trying to find the best way to push out Office 2013 to our users using Solarwinds Patch Manager?


      Has anyone done a large install push like this before using PM??  What is the best way to proceed??  I have the Office 2013 DVD, just need to know what needs to be done to create a package for PM to push out.

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          David Di Blasio

          A general overview on authoring custom packages can be found in the following 2 videos:


          Package Creation Fundamentals - http://bcove.me/7grb9jlu

          Package Creation - http://bcove.me/5vvei746


          Here's an older thread on deploying Office 2010 which may be helpful for 2013.


          Re: Deploy Microsoft Office 2010

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            Lawrence Garvin

            The short answer to this question is that there is no "easy way". Yes. a FEW (and the key word here is "few").. have successfully packaged Office 2007 or Office 2010 over the past half-dozen years.


            My personal suggestion is to put the installation media image on a read-only no-authenticated-required file share, and then build the package to ship only the setup.exe to the client. Launch the setup.exe using the network share as the installation source.


            (One note on the Office 2010 article that David cited... it has a broken link to the MST Transform article. I'm working on getting that fixed.)

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                I created my Office 2010 package exactly how Lawrence described and successfully upgraded 200 machines from Office 2007.  The only issue I ran into was with automatic activation (don't have a KMS server and users didn't have rights to complete activation with MAK key predefined).  But I got around it calling ospp.vbs /act post install under the "Add installations and run programs" section of the Office Customization Tool.  Good luck on your 2013 package so far I wont be upgrading until MS actually releases the Office 2013 baselines and seems the MS SCM team has gone MIA.