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    Access configuration


      good morning guys,


      Can anyone tell me how do you restrict access for users to a node...im trying to modify a user just to see what happends in a interface but at the same time he can click and enter the device that has that interface how can i denie the access soo he can only see the interface and not the device



      ill wait for your response....first post be gentle

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          cferreiras, I have moved you over the Network Performance Monitor thread. If you do not hear back in a timely manner, please come back and we will get you the help you need.

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            In the Admin under the users account, you will need to setup Account Limitations.  When editing the account, you will see a button labeled Add Limitation about half way down the page.  If you only want the user to see that particular interface and its associated node, you can setup a Single Interface Limitation and they will only be able to see that interface and the node that interface is on.


            By default NPM is setup to show users information about lots of nodes.  To make it easier for the user, you can setup customized views and assign them to that user.  Views are also managed through the Admin.  Once you have a view created, you can assign it to the user by editing the Views section under their account.