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    Need to stop IPAM from releasing IP address automatically  when a host goes inactive/down


      We are trying to use IPAM to manage our IP address.  But we are having a huge problem.  We are handing out static ip addresses and
      putting a lot of information about that ip address like the owner and what the
      ip address is being use for.  When we
      first put the information in it is set up as reserved and it holds the
      information fine that way until the ip address goes active.


      Once the IP address goes active in the Solar Winds IPAM
      program and if for whatever reason the owner of the static ip address turns their
      host off for an X amount time, this IPAM program will set the IP address to available
      AND DELETE all of the information about the ip address.  This is a huge problem for us.  Because we use this program to hand out ip
      address out to folks.  And when this program
      deletes all of the information and makes this IP Address available again  we give out a duplicate ip address to someone
      else AND all of our information is lost.


      My question is how do you stop IPAM from automatically
      making an ip address available and deleting ALL of the information about that
      IP address?!


      Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.