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    Allow non-admins to add/modify custom properties


      Is there a way to allow non-admins to add and modify custom properties in NPM? We have a number of users who need access to custom properties but who shouldn't be system admins. So far I haven't been able to find a way to give an account permissions to edit/add them without making it a full blown admin. We are running NPM 10.6





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          I had a hard time with this, but managed to figure it out myself for dependencies. However it should work for whatever view you want to give them.


          1. Select Customize Menu Bars in Admin view.

          2. Edit the menu bar of the user group that needs to manage dependencies.

          3. Click Add

          4. Point the URL to "/Orion/Admin/DependenciesView.aspx"


          These user groups will now have access only to the Dependencies view page. They are not able to directory traversal to the Admin page either. These users will only be granted access, if you allow it on their menu bar.