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    Additional poller question




      We have IPAM IPX 4.0. It works great in those networks that the server can see, but we also have a number of networks that are not routed and that server cannot see them. Is there a way by using additional pollers to poll those networks.

      IPAM main server can see VLAN1, VLAN2, VLAN3 but cannot directly see VLAN100, VLAN101, VLAN102

      IPAM additional poller can see VLAN100, VLAN101, VLAN102


      Main server and additional poller can see each other.


      We have tested that this works so that you can assign nodes (like DHCP-servers) to additional poller but what about actual subnet discovery?




      Regards, Samiipam_network.PNG

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          this is unfortunately not possible today. IPAM requires direct visibility to those networks/ DHCP servers (like VPN tunnels). Additional poller is also not the best option as we understood from the users they want to use it more as "remote poller" not because of they running out if max. IP licenses per single machine.

          We have remote poller as feature request and working on Orion platform solution for the future, that should solve this problem.